Portrait_Angela_Bulloch.jpgAngela Bulloch was born in Rainy River, Ontario (Canada) in 1966 and moved to Britain in 1977. In 1985, she studied art at Goldsmiths College, University of London. At the time, this school encouraged artists to explore new forms of creativity, breaking down the barriers between painting, sculpture and sound. Art critics quickly associated Bulloch with the group known as the Young British Artists, whose members were also graduates of Goldsmiths College. Her works revisit the geometric and serial vocabulary inherited from the conceptual and minimal art of the 1960s. Bulloch has developed her own aesthetics using new technologies and creates installations featuring electronic programming. The artist incorporates light, sound and video into them. In the 2000s, her multimedia practice focused on changing the rules of abstract geometric art through the introduction of elements from popular culture.
Bulloch began her Night Sky series in 2007, capturing constellations into starry skies of LED lights. Since 2014, she has been creating sculptures from coloured polyhedrons which the viewers perceives differently as they move around them.

Angela Bulloch in Nantes

In parallel to the exhibition, discover the work Disco Floor_Bootleg: 16 (2002) in the Chapelle de l’Oratoire.
The Zebra Crossing - Regulations and General Directions, created by Angela Bulloch in 2009 for the Parcours Estuaire, is located on the Île de Nantes. This typical British Pedestrian Crossing – with Belisha beacons (made of black and white poles with an orange light globe on top), has been recontexualized into a street in Nantes. The flashing lights of the crossing have also been recodifiying and disrupting the regular pattern normally used in this public space. The concept of the experience becomes the focal point of our relationship with these works of art.


-Angela Bulloch, 2022, photo : © Musée d'arts de Nantes - C. Clos

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