Located at the heart of the exhibition, in the centre of the Patio, The Dream Factory is a workshop space offering young and old alike alternative ways of exploring the themes of the exhibition.

Designed in collaboration with the non-profit association “Les tables des matières”, The Dream Factory offers fun activities focusing on themes such as machines, the circus, and cinema.

A trail has been designed featuring industrial materials, character animation, a photo call, etc. Visitors can come along and get hands-on, creative and inventive, or just enjoy a break during the tour. A number of special events will be organised for children and adults.

The Dream Factory, which refers both to the Hollywood film industry and to the work by Suzanne Duchamp entitled L'usine de mes pensées, provides access to the four sections of the exhibition and allows visitors to move freely between the works on display and the activities on offer.


From 18 October 2019 to 3 February 2020


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